Is Sass best css preprocessing system?

Is Sass best css preprocessing system? Where LESS and other alternative lacks?

If LESS is being used in any project already, would it be beneficial to replace it with Sass if it can be more helpful?

No SASS is not THAT much better to switch to it if you already have LESS in place. SASS is better and I’d pick it if I was starting from scratch although LESS is certianly a great preprocessing system. I was planning on writing an article about this but I haven’t gotten around to it. Take a look at this.

Hi jitendravyas,

It’s pretty much an open-ended discussion as everyone has their own preference, likes and dislikes and for me the benefits of using Sass make it an easy choice but in the spirit of not being bias I’ll also mention I have used LESS in the past and found it to be just as good if you only need something simplistic to work with.

Sass offers a huge collection of plugin and more advanced features such as maps, feature detection and even a new feature which is selector storage which makes structuring your selectors easier as you can define it and set it on a global variable to use later on.

Is Sass worth it?
Again it comes down to personal preference, I work on large scale websites so Sass is extremely useful because it offers so much extra functionality on top of what LESS offers.