Is Ruby a "jobs" language?

Gooroo recently did a report on which languages are in the most demand, which programmers get paid the most, etc. It was very interesting, to say the least.

My question today is: Is Ruby a viable “jobs” language for the foreseeable future? Many of us write Ruby full time. Would you recommend someone starting out to go with Ruby?

Depends what you mean by starting out.

Java is a good language to learn first if you are going into programming, because it is very verbose and object oriented.

PHP is probably the easiest to get started on, but you can easily hang yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.

My personal favourite at the moment is Python using the Django framework. Very powerful and beautiful. But it might be a bit difficult to pick up for a total beginner.

Probably in terms of jobs, JavaScript is your best bet. Especially with Node.js, that gets you front end and back end jobs.

I’ve been working with nothing but Ruby and Rails (apart from the odd Wordpress site) for over ten years now. And I’m still turning people down as I don’t have time for the extra work.

However, the nature of the work has changed. Ten years ago it was small companies, trying Rails out to get ahead of the competition. Nowadays, all the contract work and permanent jobs seem to be huge companies (or at least departments within huge companies) as they try to TDD and agile up their processes.

Yeah, that’s been my experience. But, I am learning Go now, as well, and there’s tons of work there, too. Maybe it doesn’t matter where you start, language wise. I am glad I went to Ruby when I did (years and years ago), though.

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