Is really .gov and .edu sites give priority to 0 PR sites?

As we all know .gov and .edu domain sites are always good. But on other side what we should do to get back links from these sites even we have zero PR of our site.


If this were true, then student web pages would be a gold mine for SEO spammers. If it were true then I would have sold my web page for thousands, as would any student.

Anyway, the reason why some people think this is because these domains often hold popular web sites. When you think about it, a lot of people are going to link to a university site, or to a government website by nature. Some of the best links I’ve built have come from university and government websites, because some of the pages I’ve had links from have been very popular. It’s absolutely nothing to do with their domain.

[font=verdana]To repeat the answer I gave to someone else on the exact same issue yesterday:

Google does NOT give any preference to .edu or .gov sites, or any other sites, simply on the basis of their TLD. While it’s true that those sites tend to do well in the rankings, that is because they are content-heavy, reputable and have lots of links pointing to them – they would do just as well if they were on a .com, .biz or any other domain. Any .edu or .gov site that is letting spammers build links all over it is going to be treated with the same disregard that Google treats any other site doing the same thing.

Or to put it another way - if it’s easy to get a link, that link is pretty much worthless.[/font]