Is Pinterest Traffic Worthless?

It has been said in this article that I read that Pinterest Traffic is Worthless.

Question: Do you do Pinterest just because of the Traffic? I mean, it’s a social networking site. Why do not make it more Social rather than making something out of it.

It’s also been said that pinterest has some of the highest converting traffic out there. {beats everyone} {does ok}

As with everything it’s about relevancy to the user to continue on.

If you’re an dating site and you post a funny graphic that gets shared left and right about say, plants, odds are the clicks won’t do much for you.

As the article you cited concluded: you need a path to give the user something relevant and actionable to continue on. Expecting someone who came to dive into an interesting image to then jump to something else is far less likely than some visitor from a search keyword that fit the greater topic. But if you sell the item, well, then the game changes…

I think pinterest is different concept than other social sites. Pinterest getting exponential traffic than facebook and higher than google+. Also many sites getting traffic from pinterest. Many travel website promoting their products with pinterest, cause image is a key feature of travel products and guide.

It’s not true that Traffic of pinterest is worthless…According to my knowledge, This is great resource for improve organic traffic and improve user conversation…

If you’re looking forward to earning money using Pinterest, and you’re not getting any conversions at all, I can say it’s useless (but not entirely useless). Well, it’s going to be good for your site, but what’s the point if you’re not earning anything from it. You’re right; it would be good if you’re going to use it as a social media site rather than something that you can use to earn money. Rather, put the idea of using it as a true social media site at the front of your mind.

Traffic from any source is only worthwhile if you have specific goals for it. You can use Pinterest for customer engagement, personal branding, or as an entry point to your conversion funnel.

I also read in Mashable: that pinterest traffic is getting slow. It has been posted last April 12, 2012.

Pinterest is good for product sites and those sites which have nice,funny images to showcase.

it is not as permanent traffic but traffic for a day or 2
time untill the image is at top or popular
traffic is permanent from backlinks
so in my view that traffic is worthless if it does not help with rankings and permanent traffic

Before this thread veers into SEO, let me just say we won’t be discussing that here. If you wish to discuss SEO, we have a forum over here to do that.

Lets keep this discussion on topic.

I used Pintrest, and I got a couple of likes on my articles. As such, even if the traffic is worthless, it did it’s job. I got the likes and I got the visits, it works better than twitter and facebook, as of such I look forward to continuing it’s use.

i think its happening like Facebook or Twitter… maybe at the beggining its not so usefull but every day is taking more and more power

I have created an account on Pinterest when i completed my full profile then traffic start coming on my website and blog.Which is good to me but if you have designing website then definitely website getting leads from Pinterest

[FONT=Verdana]That doesn’t answer the question…

We’re not talking about whether you get traffic from Pinterest, but whether you get worthwhile traffic from Pinterest. Sure, you might get lots of people coming onto your site, but are they then buying anything? Or are they just looking and leaving, without bringing you any trade?[/FONT]

No traffic in this world is worthless… the more broadband your website uses more its beneficial for your business.

If Pinterest is worthless how come some spammers wasting their time to spam on Pinterest and earn huge amount
using the traffic from Pinterest.

Although I don’t imagine that Pinterest traffic is worthless, how would you know how much money spammers make from Pinterest traffic?

There’s been a few psuedo spammers (people figuring out how to game popular trends with affiliate links, used bots to boost things up, etc) who have shared stats. I don’t have the articles handy but the numbers were insanely high to say the least.

All traffic is valuable. It doesn’t matter where it comes from in my opinion.

The important thing is what you do when you get traffic to your site.

I’ve seen some ecommerce stores get really high conversion rates from products that have been “pinned” on pinterest. I think it really matters on your market because more users on pinterest are middle class females.