Is Pinging Too Much Bad?

Is it true that Wordpress sends out a ping every time you update a post as opposed to just when you first create the post?

If true, then if edit my post many times, it would mean that I ping the ping servers many times. Does ping server penalize me (or ban me) if I edit my posts too often?

If yes, then do I need a Wordpress plugin to make it to that it pings only on new posts?

I can’t see a reason why it will affect you. Since wordpress has the feature implemented on it, your pages/posts will be crawled on a much more consistent basis if you’re notifying the search engines of new updates using pings.

Yes there is a plugin MBP Ping Optimizer which is use to “Not ping your post when you republish your post”
It means that your post will be ping only one time and after that MBP Ping Optimizer will not send your post to ping services.

for blogger or blogspot use feedburner because simple and automatic :D:D:D

my own technique is every time i publish a new post in my blog i ping it immediately.

I use every time whenever I update my blog.

any way pinging make’s your site better result in google, so why do you worry about pinging several times.
its good for you to bring more traffic

I think its good to ping eveytime while you make post. Its good for seeing your better output in Search Engine.

No need to ping, search engines are smart enough to get the update.

I don’t see how pinging could get you penalized by G. I ping every time put up a new post and that’s sometimes 3 to 5 times a day for a single site. I hadn’t had any problems so far.

Pinging is a great way to inform blogging services and directory about your Updates.
If you use Wordpress, it will do pinging itself.

And Don’t think about pinging frequency. Why? Bcoz, If you are a single blogger for your Blog, You will post up to 10 times in a day. isn’t it? Think about Multi Author Blogs based on Wordpress. They post upto 50 posts daily and with correction it may go to 100 pings a day.

By that much amount of pinging, They get no side effect. Am I right?
But let it be Automatic. Don’t do anything by yourself. Just leave it to Wordpress and Feedburner (it also offers pinging to preferred Services).