Is PHP What I Want to Learn?

Hey all, just got from a tour overseas with some minor leg damage so I’ll be laid up for the next couple months and thought I might try to learn a web programming language during my spare time.

I’m pretty good with dreamweaver and html, but I’ve got a project in mind and was wondering if PHP was the way to go.

Basically I’m going to have the user input some details like name, address etc, and want them to be saved to a database and displayed on certain other pages as they click through the website.

Thanks in advance!

.php is a must learn language, because the scripting is so powerful, and very search engine friendly too. If you know anything about .php and search engine indexing, you’ll know that .php will get more pages indexed in the SERP’s, and bring you more free search engine traffic!

Care to back that up? I really don’t see why PHP would be better for SERPs than any other programming language …

Yes, Php is a perfect choice because of the following reasons:

1- It’s very easy to learn.

2- There are lots of free tutorials over the net.

3- It’s open source, so if you face a specific problem, you’ll
find someone else who has solved it before.

4- Vast variety of CMSs.



PHP5.x + Mysql , both are freebies as must.

Then Java may be your next choice.

Ked :slight_smile:

Larry Ullman’s books on PHP and MySQL are a good way to get your feet wet, too. :slight_smile:

Yes, how on earth would the serverside language matter in the way search engines index pages at all?

Is .php news feeds ok to use on blogs and have AdSense on them, without search engines thinking you are trying to place at top position & cheat?

Thanks for the replies!

I got Hello World to appear, so I’m on ma way!

I’d break out of using Dreamweaver if I were you.

Get used to using a text editor, one which you can grow with and teach.

(curiously, it was when I smashed up my collar bone after a bad bike fall that I taught myself some linux basics and vim - turn a neg into a pos, good luck!)


It wouldn’t, since all the SEs would see is the HTML rendered by the PHP. :)[/ot]

I agree with issauni…PHP is have become popular nowadays.its really very easy to learn.My suggestion is that, you should go on with PHP itself