Is PHP 6 out?

I was at the bookstore and saw a book on PHP6 and then when I went to the site, all it says is the latest is 5.3.3

Is PHP 6 out and should I be installing that ?

I wouldn’t recommend installing it until it officially becomes the latest version unless you want to just play with it or test it.

When it does become the latest version then unless you have deprecated php code in any web pages your PHP5 web pages should be ok as PHP6 should be backwards compatible.

i honestly wouldn’t even worry about php6 until 2 yrs after release… most hosting companies didn’t even make php5 standard till 2-3 yrs after the release

No, there is no such thing.

At the time of the writing of those books, major changes in the language were underway (such as language-wide Unicode support) some of which have now been abandoned or changed, with lots of new things added which weren’t on the cards back then.

The likelihood is that the books are out-of-date (not least because PHP 6 never really existed) and not much use to anyone except perhaps as a reminder that the bleeding edge needn’t necessarily always be the future.

Stick with PHP5 for now. Going too far ahead will cause you nothing but headaches.

The latest version is the one the site says is the latest version.

PHP 6 is still being developed - it will probably not be all that long before it comes out and so you might want to consider making sure that your code is not going to require huge changes in order to ensure that it will run on PHP 6.