Is Pagerank still relevant as a metric?

It’s been a while since my advertisers asked me about the pagerank of my sites. Is it still relevant?

If not, what are the biggest metrics that are used in assessing the site’s worth - especially with advertisers?

Relevant for what?

Seeing as advertisers want to get their products in front of as many eyeballs as possible, I would have thought something like pageviews would be of particular interest.

for me is not any more so important,but if these advertisers were interested i think they should know how to check the PR of a site,no?

Relevant for the website being advertized - for its ultimate (most effective) promotion.

Is it worth more having a link on a PR6 low-traffic site, rather than a PR2 high-traffic one?

Visible PR (toolbar) is still used as a metric for people selling advertising space (or buying). The reason is because there aren’t better metrics out there. That’s not to say PR is any good of equating what you need in advertising space (eyeballs on your ad). But to say that visible PR is no longer used because it’s irrelevant (which it is) is probably not true (unfortunately).

Find better metrics if you can (i.e. traffic).

Remember that Google Pagerank is applied to pages, not sites :slight_smile:

PageRank is valuable as a metric which gives you an idea of how many sites are linking to your page and the value of those links. That being said, unless you’re Google you don’t know what the real PageRank of your page is. You can use the tools out there but the data is generally old and outdated.

Does PageRank actually help your rankings? That’s an entirely different argument.

I agree with hooperman in that a more relevant metric for your potential sponsors are pageviews and unique visitors. The more information you can collect about these visitors and provide to your sponsors the better.

like hooperM and others said, your advertisers should be informed of how much traffic you have passing through your site/the pages where they advertize. perhaps you have to educate them a bit and wean them away from the idea of relying so exclusively on pagerank as the most important metric to them. traffic and conversion rates would be a better sell and more pertinent.

getting a link from a low traffic pr 6 site might well help you in your page ranking and yes that’s one of the many factors that’s in the mix in determining website Authority. a low pr but high traffic site might be better off if it brings you more traffic that converts. i wouldn’t turn down either!

I would say it is relevant when you have nothing else. If you don’t have knowledge of the site or time to research it then PR may be useful.