Is my site dull

I get guests all day but no one signs up or post anything I was wondering if its cause my site is dull and if it is how to make it better.

thexinfo . com

Thanks for any advice.


At a glance I think you need to decide what it is you really want visitors to do, then… well… ask them!

It’s as simple as that.

I see you have a “Create New Account” link, but you don’t say what the visitor should create that account for, or what benefit there is to being a member. Plus the link is a little out of the way and not eye-catching.

Don’t do anything yet though. First go to this section of Sitepoint; Reviews and Critiques .
Try to get your site reviewed in the “Website Reviews” forum.
Then come up with a plan based on the best of all the advice you will receive and rework your site from there.

Good luck!

As Shaun said, this should go for Reviews and Critiques. Please, check the rules of that forum before you post your own review :wink:

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