Is my laptop just trash now?

My laptop is used as a secondary computer, and not even that anymore - 3 years ago, apparently, I started it up too quickly before having it in the trunk of my car when it was ccccold outside. Now, it does start up and shows me windows, etc. I can do some things (albeit very slow) but it freezes on me after about 5 minutes. Is there anything I can do to make it better, or is it just dead?

Usually when a computer freezes/works slow is because of the:

  • HDD damage
  • Processor Heating up
  • Faulty RAM

Well, if it seems non-functional, there’s really no sense in trying to repair it, since most notebooks and laptops are pretty inexpensive now these days.

Maybe, wipe the data from your hard drive and play around with Ubuntu. It’s a lightweight Linux operating system. Very easy to use and gives a different feel without feeling completely lost.