Is my hosting down or is the URL expired?

Hi from freezing dark York UK… / is a site I published some time back. Today i tried to load the site and yikes its gone :frowning: Ive renewed the url 1 hour ago but my question is, "Is the site down due to the url expiring and soon all will be back to normal or is the hosting jinxed as well? Basically i just need the site up again as its got importnat portfolio content (Its a word press site that another agency built)

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I’d contact your host and whoever you registered the domain with.

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There are two URL’s I assume one has the site and the other redirects to the the main site. I hope you renewed the correct one!

As @chrisofarabia said it may be worth contacting the hosts if you only want the code from the site without renewing it.

With the link from @gandalf458 the site should be still yours and when you have renewed the domain name it should appear again. As long as you have kept up the hosting payments.

Remember the hosting and domain are separate.


Thanks @Rubble ive made contact with the hoster, fingers crossed this gets fixed!