Is my domain name too long?

One of my sites is in the data niche and I wanted to secure a good brand .com. However as the niche is pretty saturated, the best I could come up with was usabledatabases dot com (hand reg). I have since secured all the plural versions of .net and .org, and the singular version .com as well. But now I suddenly feel this may be too long? Or is it?

I have seen longer .com sites that are pretty popular but still the shorter the more preferable. I once heard there’s a 14-character rule of thumb for .com naming - it’s always better to have a .com name no more than 14 characters, according to a psychological research or something. However, mine is 15 characters. As the site is still working its way up and I intend to work hard to make it great, I better switch the domain now if I need to.

Do you think this name would stand good or do I need a shorter one? I’m not a native English speaker so I’d appreciate some ideas from native English speakers. Do you think it’s too long to be memorable at first glance?

Any idea would be appreciated!

Hello Friend,

I think 15 characters would not be so long domain name, and being memorable it totally depends on your domain name, as there are certain websites which I have gone through are more than 20 characters domain name, and still their Website search engine and direct traffic are too good.

I’d say in your case it’s not too long because it rolls out the tongue and is easy to remember. It’s a good domain name. :slight_smile:

It’s long at first glance but it’s only two words. It’s hard to have a domain name too long with only 2 words. It’s very easy to remember also.

Furthermore, if you represent the domain name in all your marketing in CamelCase (since http is case-insensitive), it will be very easy to remember.
UsableDatabases is a lot easier than usabledatabases because the mind can quickly differentiate the two words.

Depends. With web design for instance 99% of the time they will just be clicking the link. So doesnt matter

Even if they’re clicking a link, they will want to see where it goes. If you are giving the URL as the link text then there may be a case for writing it in CamelCase to make it easier to read.

If your goal is visitors then you want your domain to make sense in the field your in. most likely will mean nothing to google unless you spend 20 mill like yelp

not long enough and it’s easy to remember. A good domain name at that since it’s very transparent.

No, its not long even very suitable.

As mine is having 21 character compare to yours.

Really great point here.

And, I would have to go with what everybody is saying. It is long at first glance. But, I can remember it easily. So, I definitely think it is already a good domain name.

It’s not so much that you need to be wary of the length of your URL, but the number of words you use. The one’s that people remember (mainly myself) are things such as acronyms of words such as BBC (british broadcasting centre) and ASOS (as seen on the shelves or site I think) one word URL’s which are a blend of two words or two words altogether which form something in the mind which can further relate to it.

Many of my sites are two words or a blend of two into one word.

You are absolutely correct. The only caveat to that is the danger that your domain name can be easily misspelled. In that case someone else could get your traffic {accidentally or nefariously}

The danger with acronyms is:

  • There are many acronyms that are shared among multiple meanings
  • You could mistakenly spell a word that is offensive in another language

Keep in mind the EMD Update mate. You should have good content to present to the users. When it comes to the length of the Domain. I feel short domain names can be easily remembered by visitors than long domains.

I think it’s too long. But i know that dot com domains are hard to find nowadays. It’s because .coms are the only TLD that gets any real respect. I think for your case, having “database” in your domain is helpful for SEO. But you could have been more creative with the rest. Start with “database” instead of “usable”? Or if you had to have usable in there, go with cause DB is now understood as database. My 2 cents. Cheers!