Is my business name still fitting?

My business name is Visual Developments. I no longer have a website for it, but legally this is still my business name.

I have a number of eCommerce websites. When a customer looks at their credit card statement, (or PayPal), they see “Visual Developments”. This is also the business name answered with when they make a phone call.

I’m hoping for some feedback. Is the “developments” part unfitting? Should I be looking for a new business name? (I have no idea what I could call it and anything decent has its name already taken)

Or should I just keep it as is? Would it look weird to someone buying from an eCommerce site that the legal company name they are buying from has “developments” in the name?

Looking for some feedback :slight_smile:

I don’t see any problem there, to be honest. Sounds fine to me. Why are you worried about that word?

I think the name is fine. Leave it as it is and keep using it.

I think your name is fine. I would suggest that you put a superscript TM afer Visual DevelopmentsTM which would show the world the name is also your trademark. This is also called a “common law trademark”.

If you had a web site you could put the superscript TM on your first use of your name on the homepage. You can also use it on your statements or in email.

I wouldn’t change a thing. Nothing wrong with the name at all, and since you have already been using it, you might as well continue to build momentum with it and continue building your brand. Good Luck