Is Live Chat the solution?

I personally think having live chat support In today’s really

competitive web hosting environment is a real must. Hosting companies

are really entering into break neck competition today and a chat

agent/live chat operator really gives one and edge over the other.

(well thats my opinion anyway)

I really communicate via chat to companies,It a great help to me when I

want Info about the company.

What about you guys?

Do you think live chat Is as important as i’m making it sound?:confused:

Yes live chat is really very important when it comes to Web Hosting Business, you never know when your client wants to communicate with you, so in all regards the best way to communicate with your clients or the service provider is Live chat

I think live chat is pretty cool. Especially if I have a quick question and I want a quick response, not have to send an email and wait 24hrs to get an answer.