Is left join exhaust server and database engine?

hello ,

plz i have question … is when i write sql command which include more than lef join statement … is it exhause the server and database engine resources ??

or it’s normal ?

in general it is better to optimize the execution of a single query

do you have any indexes on your tables?

thx alot mr r937 … so i want ask u another question please … so in your opinion … in general it’s prefere to divid the sql query to many sql quires instead of collect all in one query using left join ? … is it will not cause any resources exhaust ? Or any slow ?

exhaust resources? yes, it’s possible, but usually only if you wrote a bad query

since you did not show your tables or your query, that’s all i can say

yes mr r937 ?

are the indexes optimized for the query that you’re running?

yes mr r937 each table have index … ?

okay, then you should be fine

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