Is keyword density still useful or not?

Oh shut up already.

Your punishment for posting such obvious and proven rubbish is to write out a squillion times
Keyword density does NOT matter
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another province heard from, where they don’t read the thread…

Well, this page doesn’t come up in the first ten results for a Google search for “keyword density”

So either we haven’t used “keyword density” often enough yet, or it’s already too late and this page is being excluded for going over a threshold.

Or keyword density just simply doesn’t matter !!

Keyword density is still very important. But like anything in this world, it must not be overdone. The maximum percentage has to kept up to 5%.

Please read the thread and don’t post an answer if (a) other people have already said it, or (b) other people have already proved it to be wrong.

There is no magic number. Google does NOT calculate your keyword density and rate those sites that hit this mythical target higher than those that don’t. Do you really think you need your keyword to be repeated once every 20 words? That spam would spam read spam like spam spam. Let’s say you have one “most important keyword” and three “less important keywords”. By your calculations, those four words between them would need 12% of your text content. That doesn’t leave you much scope for any actual communication. That isn’t writing, that’s keyword stuffing.

OK, that’s fine, you keep believing that, and while you’re pushing out sites that look like they’re written by Elizabot as you home in on the mythical keyword target, we’ll get on with writing our websites knowing we’re safe from any competition from yours :cool:

Keyword density is very important for the seo point of view.If we are using unnecessary used many times keywords then it may be keyword stuffing and google may penalize the site…:frowning:

Thanks for not reading the previous posts, mentioned articles, evidence to the contrary, and providing your sage words of wisdom.

Seriously - before anyone else writes an answer like this. STOP. Read the thread, read the links I posted earlier. If you have done that, and have EVIDENCE that having a certain “keyword density” methodology that you have implemented and tested, using accepted testing and statistical methodologies, then, and only then, I won’t think that you should be are really a writer for these guys :mad:

I’m going to refrain from making some comments I’m itching to make. :x

Just let me say

If you’re here to learn about keyword density, please read the replies and follow the links in the substantiated posts

Thread closed

Care to explain why my sites do fine and i pay no attention to keyword density. Care to explain why so many ‘expert’ SEO’s have posted in this thread and said its not important. Why do you think it is important? Have you done some testing that we do not know about. Please explain why…

so you are all telling me keyword density doesn’t matter? i didn’t quite get the idea from reading it 47 times and having posted it myself also :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets wait and see if you typed it slowly enough …

Did you notice that every single person who posted in this thread that said it did matter, who was asked to come back and justify their claims has not come back? … don’t figure!

Care to explain why you think its important when a number of people in this thread have said it not important. Why do you think it is important? Have you donesome testing that contradicts what the experts are saying? I have not been concerned about keyword density for years.

A lot of people in this thread have said that. A lot of SEO experts in this thread have said it deos not matter. A lot of those who have stated that have been asked to explain how and why it helps in the context of the statements by many experts that it does not matter. So, I ask you the same … please explain how it actually helps? Hopefully you will come back and explain it, as none of the others have come back.

I find it’s best to go with what bogs said - “create your content naturally”.

If you focus too much on optimizing your page, you’ll most likely go way beyond what’s necessary and end up being penalized for it.

OK - so here’s my highly respected list of sources saying it’s not:

Now you show me your highly respected list of sources saying where it is… :shifty:

That might break the threshold of 5.2% for the phrase “keyword density” which will get SitePoint banned in the GooBingoo index… :x

Natural is very important.Don’t care the keyword density.

So why are all the experts in this thread and all the experts linked to from this thread say that its not important. Why do you think its important? Care to explain exactly why you disagree with all the experts in this thread?

Keyword density still helps specially in articles.