Is Javascript particularly difficult or is it just me?

I don’t have a comp. sci. background but I’ve been a hacker of some sorts working within the Processing language and doing basic OOP. I’m dedicating serious time into JS right now and it seems unending. This may be my first time getting into the weeds with a language but I am wondering if there’s a unique level of complexity to JS compared to other languages.

Regarding Processing, it’s built on the back of Java. Through that I’ve found myself very interested in Java. Those two are completely different languages but is anyone up for comparing the complexities of the two?

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I’ve never heard of Processing before, so I wouldn’t know how to compare Java to it (I’m no expert either :smile: ). I’ve checked it out, and the kind of stuff one can do with it is really cool.

Regarding Javascript, If you’re into learning it to do the same type of work that can be done with Processing, check out geldoot on codepen. He has some amazing code there. One can learn a lot just by studying it.

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