Is it worth learning web design, css/html?

Nowadays you can hire someone to design your website and convert it to html for pretty cheap. Do you think it’s worth it to learn css and html or should I just cover the basics so I understand how it works?

I think it really depends on your long term view. If you see yourself perhaps creating a website for yourself and that would be it, I may well be much easier and quicker to hire someone. If however your see yourself having a keen interest in web development, then it could be worth investing your time into reading tuition books and internet tutorials. Good luck to you either way.

My primary goal is to start a website for business/make money

What kind of business are looking at? Depending on the complexities of it, such as an e-commerce store, there would be a lot to learn.

You could get a couple of quotes to see how much it would cost to have your website built and maintained by someone else and then compare that to the time and cost of learning how to do it yourself and then building it.

If your website will be database driven then the cost can rise pretty quickly. A static website is relatively cheap and simple to set up.

Hmmm … that site sounds like it’s going to be a world-beater that everyone will be flocking to :rolleyes:

If you have a business, and you want to build a website for that business, you might be better off paying a professional to do the website if you don’t know much about web design.

If your business will be the website, you should learn how to build the website yourself. If you’re paying someone else to do the work, what value will you be adding, and how will you monetise it? So many times I’ve seen people wanting to contract a designer on the cheap to build a site that will make them lots of money but won’t actually be doing any work. In that case, why would the designer build a site for someone else, rather than building the site for themselves?