Is it worth it to hire one SEO guy?

Many people have conflicting arguments with this. If you hire one guy it’s not a good idea because theirs so many different things that go into SEO. Some people even have said 1,000+ different things go into SEO at this time making it hard for one guy to do really much. He can hit the basics, but probably won’t have enough time to hit everything?

What are your guys arguments on the subject?

There are many things that can be done in seo But few are important ones. Quality of work matter not quantity of work to get to the top. only fewer people know that… while working with that person you will be see the change of your site rankings with in couple of months… position is the totally depend on the link building…i.e… how much quality link building maintain for your site, where compare with your competitor.

Only few people will help you “who can do the better research of your competitors”

How many collored hats are there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, what the heck is “black hat” SEO methods anyway?

I think he is saying that some people will say anything in order to get business, true or untrue.

Oh, I know…I get calls like that all the time and they try very hard to be convincing.

I’ve had a few of them want to argue that they were in fact authorized agents of Google…

I would run away from someone making claims like that. Good luck with him answering the phone when you call for a refund for his guarantee.

Yes, it’s depend on work if big portal site is hard to handle single seo guy.

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I am one guy and have succesfully SEO’d an insurance site in Canada to #3, ahead of big banks and other major insurance companies. I think it is who you hire instead of how many.

Is it worth hireing a SEO Guy? not realy, is it worth learning about SEO? not really.

Download the SEO Cheat Sheet, follow the basic guidelines.
Have quality content, on a stable and well built website.
Attract people to come to your website instead of tryng to gaim search engines.

All my websites I work at have lots of SEO tips and tricks, but none of them are as successful as the one website with the quality content. This has little seo and the domain is not really relative to the content. Its been in the press, people blog about it, people recommend it and a favourite. That is the real “search engine optimisation”, making it a destination to visit.


According to me SEO is a very vast thing. Its depend on you if you hire an seo guy or not? Becoz In seo there is both onpage and offpage optimization required . Both is impossible for a single person.

It is a good idea to hire one expert for your site because he will guide you the requirement of your site and it will help to your site in terms of ranking. It is correct that one guy can not do everything but he will continuously analyze your site and finds the solution to get the good positioning.

Right need one seo guy to guide your site,it’s good for your company.

there are few main things on seo which can be manage by one guy. I have got my few sites and blog and i m doing seo on my sites all alone and got some good traffic on my site so it is possible

SEO is broad system, there’s a lot of procedures and things that you need to learn and do for you to get your expected results.

One person is enough to do link building, forum posting, blog commenting etc. but if you want to get the result faster you need to hire at least 2-4 more staffs.

There are many things that can be done in seo But few are important ones. Quality of work matter not quantity of work to get to the top. So i think One guy can do this…

Hi :cool:,
Hiring an SEO is no harm at all. Look for company’s profile on internet, the services they provide and since when they are providing service. I know SEO is a continuous process. And you have to spend to get results… Google is a big world.


That’s the funny part…the only way to find out if he “knows his stuff” is to pay him a boatload of money and wait months and months to find out if he “knew his stuff”

Not all of these guys can get you listed on the first page of search results even if they do know their stuff…but they’re sure happy to take your money!

A SEO guy who knows his stuff will be pretty expensive to hire.
A SEO guy who knows only basic stuff and says he is an expert is affordable, however you can do the same :slight_smile:

Ok its a googd idea but how could you watch his everyday work? Maybe you should pay an oline company todo this!