Is it useful to advertise on some industry website?

A few weeks ago, i wrote an email to a webmaster of a industry website. It is very professional, but has higher Pr than my website. The day after, i received a call from the website, they were not willing exchange links with us, and they would never change links with others either. However, they said we could put advertisements of our products, of course, we must pay them. I have really no idea about the suggestion, since i have never done this kind of advertisment before. Is it trustable or worthy ?

The value of advertising is very much a function of your business model and need to grow. What’s the goal for your site? How have your marketing efforts worked thus far?

I have used this kind of advertising in the past and it has worked for me.

The same industry sites are the ones I’d want to advertise on, that’s for sure. If you have the budget you can try getting some advertising offers from them. No established site would accept a link exchange deal, so don’t bother ask this.

Leaders of our company are not interested in online marketing, they are all born 40s or 50s. They don’t trust internet, and online marketing cost a lot sometimes. They trust more on word of mouth. It is not easy to persuade them to allocate budget for this kind of business promotion. So, i haven’t spend a penny on Seo yet. Still waitting for their approval.

They aren’t believers of the internet as a whole? Seriously?

That’s something we all faced 5 years ago but to hear resistance to paid media on the web still… wow.

If you don’t mind me asking, where in the world is the company located? What size organization?

p.s. [i’d be glad to walk you through some argument strategies if you like]

Actually the company was founded in 1993 based in China, it manufactures construction machinery and has 19 wholly-owned subsidaries with 3 million ㎡production area. It is a large company, but with more and more intense competition, it has to do something.
It is very famous in china, though some subsidaries have made billboards on the highway,tried Baidu ppc and put small advertisements in some novel websites. But i don’t think they work well, how could you put machinery ads on novel website ? Now the domestic market is saturated, it is becoming more and more compelling in expanding the international market.
Not long ago, i wrote solutions to online marketing, when the boss asked how the Google Adwords works, I told him that PPC means pay for click, and he replied" what if other people click millions of the ad, who pay the money "? Still, he has no clue what SEO is.

Its depend upon goal of your advertising, are you sure its gonna help you. whoever see your advertise on their site, will be they interested in your services. what sort of traffic coming to their site and is it profitable, if they see your advertise. check what would be conversion rate.