Is it safe to use PressPlay 2.1 theme?

Is it safe to use PressPlay 2.1 theme. Because i am having a terrible experience.
I am having problem with my Hosting Company. They have a firewall on there server. For some reason there server has blocked my IP and i can’t able to work on my WordPress blog. I have contact them and they have replied me that answer.
“You are using open source free application with free themes and plug-ins. Some of your plug-in or theme must be refreshed and triggered your website when you are using that’s why your IP has blocked again and again from server firewall. We can not make any changes in server firewall. You must need to investigate this issue from your end.”
Know after couple of discussions by switching to the Twenty Eleven theme by renaming my current theme’s folder inside wp-content/themes and adding “-old” to the end of the folder name and also resetting the plugins folder. When i switch back to my original theme problem starts again and i can’t able to browse my Blog.
At the end it would seem to be a problem within my theme. Try re-uploading a fresh copy of the unpacked theme’s folder to wp-content/themes.
Know should i use this theme again by upload the fresh copy or use another theme.
I don’t no where i went wrong.
Any thoughts on that ?

Could clarify that the blog does work properly with the default Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven theme? Also if you are using plugins you should probably say which one(s) are active.

The theme should be ok unless it is really out-of-date which it looks as if it is (last updated in March 2010). They really only style and layout the content for the most part but if the core code has changed and the theme isn’t updated you’ll have a problem. If the default theme works then I would say you need to choose a new theme, something that is recent and well supported.

I would start by looking here. Smashing mag has been around for a while and they aren’t quick to put their name to shoddy content. These themes should be a good place to start, you could look in the comments below the post also. You really want to know that whatever theme you use is going to be around in another year or two.

If this approach still generates problems then I’d go back to the host and try to get some more help. Hosting is cheap you could always find one that might help you a little more if your blog means that much to you.