Is it safe to edit wp-includes/comments-template.php

Hiya all,

I need to edit the comments displayed on the website. I did some research and I found that in order to edit the form I have to edit wp-includes/comments-template.php. What concerns me is that this file is in the core files, an update to the CMS will replace the file causing me to loose all the changes.

What should I do.

I basically need to edit the title of Leave Reply, I wanted it in a H3, the issue could probably be resolved in CSS, but my goal is to understand WP better.

Kind regards,

You should be able to edit the comment form by editing “comments.php” in your themes directory. :slight_smile:

You can’t edit the appearance though. You can only edit the appearance though the comments-template.php. I heard you can use minor scripts to do what I wanted, but it’s not as flexible.

I found the solution on the WP site,, it appear the edits need to be done on the function.php file.