Is it possible?

Is it possible to run a web application from my site on someone else’s site???

You can’t “run a web application from your site on someones else’s”. You can use an iFrame to embed your site into another site, but that is a usually a crumby idea all around the board. I’m not sure if I know what your asking though; what exactly do you want to do?

Ive been making a app for my web site, but I was wondering if lets say i have a link to facebook or twitter or some other site. Could the app run on that site the same way it would on mine? Or are there legal issues involved? Or it just cant be done?

Hope its clear enough!

You could develop an app for facebook, but to have an app from your server run on facebooks server is impossible.

So the idea of having diffrent web pages run an application from my site is just impossible to make?

Yes! You’d have to develop it natively on the website you want it to run on.

Oooh ook thanks for the help!