Is it possible using image

Hi, To all sitepoint masters,… i saw some other website using captha for validating or putting extra security before the user can login into their website…I just what to know how can i achieve like this,i want also to put captha image but i don’t know what is the logic behind on it.I hope some one will help me on this.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

Captchas are intended to stop spam bots misusing your contact form (for example).
I don’t see any advantage to using them on a user login.
They are fairly simple to implement, normally using third party code or a third party service.
Here is a list of some which are freely available:

However, captchas present a big usability barrier for many users, so please think carefully before using them.

Hi pullo, Thank you so much for the reply,…is this needed to have a capthca? where should i put captcha if this is not needed in the log-in form?..thank you in advance.

Hi jemz,

Captchas are a mechanism to prevent bots submitting contact forms and flooding your inbox with spam.
AFAIK a captcha would be quite pointless in a login form.

Have a look at this thread where (especially towards the end) captchas and their alternatives are discussed at some length:


Hi, Thank you for this, Okay i will write back again if i have in doubt.