Is it possible to wrap text across two columns?

I have a layout where the client is using a CMS and wants the content from an entry to be displayed across two columns. Is there any way to do this in CSS?

There is a CSS 3 command to do that but I don’t think it has much support in current browsers.

^ yep that’s up and coming with CSS3. I have seen some Javascript hacks to do something similar, can’t find them at thge moment but try a web search for them.

Other than that you could create an extra custom field in the CMS, eg so you get left_content and right_content then update your template to suit.

Hi, you can fake it, if you want something like with lists, although if you want text to be fluid and span across columns as more content grows, then only FF3.5 (I believe that version number) and webkit have support for it via vendor extensions (-moz- and -webkit-)

Right now, just find an alternative or use a JS feeded solution :slight_smile: