Is it possible to track down a DDoS attack?

I’ve done plenty of searching on DDoS attacks and from what I’ve found so far it seems that it’s “very difficult” track down the person(s) responsible for the attack.

My question is this - could someone actually do it if they were qualified enough? Would a hacker who is well versed in the techniques used be able to find the person(s)? Or is it just simply impossible sometimes?

Basically unless there’s an audit trail somewhere to trace stuff back then it’s impossible, however even when there’s some sort of trail it’s still very hard to trace as this may be spread over several different countries and hundereds of computers.

Although if you can’t work out the previous step in the trail then it’s pretty much upto the authoraties which may or may not be co-operative. For example, reporting a DDoS 3 months after it happens, with an investigation starting in another month - ah I’d say it’s nearly impossible.

Even in some situations you may be able to trace it back to something like a router at an ISP, but it might not be logging who performed actions on it. (But you’d expect the ISP to tighten up security a bit).

But yeah, at the end of the day, no matter how qualified you are it still relies on way too many factors and variables for it to be easy and often it’s simply impossible.

If you could find out the ISP via the IP Address you should be able to phone them up and report it and they should look into it for you.