Is it possible to select all from two different tables in one query?

I am trying to select all from two of my tables and have been experimenting with JOINS, but having no luck, I also cannot seem to find an example where a simple SELECT * from multiple tables has been accomplished. Basically I need data from two tables, one called product_catalogue, and one called products, I want everything from these two, this is how I have been doing this in SQL server 2008 management studio:

select * from product_catalogue where catalogueid =(select catalogueid from products where productid = 1)  (select * from products where productid = 1)	

I know the above is basically two queries, I want to merge them as one so I can use them in my PHP, can anyone provide any suggestions as to how I can accomplish this?

Many thanks for all your help.

select <columnsOfInterest> 
  from product_catalogue 
  join products
    on product_catalogue.catalogueid = products.catalogueid 
 where products.productid = 1

Thank you very much SwampBoogie that worked perfectly! I wish I could reward you! :slight_smile: