Is it possible to recognize dog/cat in image with PHP?

I would like to know if there’s any PHP code available in order to recognize a pet (dog/cat) in a photo. I got a php app that once an image is being uploaded to it, I need PHP to automatically recognize if its a dog or cat, and if possible also tell its color (brown, white etc).

Maybe something like this could be adapted?

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I think its too old.
However I ddi find this:
But its also in javascript :frowning:


That could be written in Swahili and I’d still want to use it.

I just tried with this image and got the result below back - very impressive

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No it isn’t. It is onyl using Node.js to interact with Watson, IBM’s deep thinking machine. Watson is doing the actual recognition, not JavaScript. The only thing Node.js is doing is implementing the API and making the calls.

If you are able to read JavaScript, you should be able to write a PHP app that implements those same API calls.

In fact, there is an question/answer on it

Yeah figured it out after trying to understand it deeper and investigated alittle bit.
As far as I can see, it ain’t free to use anyway, I was going to use this for an non-profit organization project.

The two things that spring to mind are Google Cloud Platform Computer Vision API:

and as already mentioned, IBM Watson:

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