Is it possible to make affiliate sales from a cold audience on Instagram?

I run a big instagram account and I didnt know whether to start promoting affilate products on it.

I am looking to offer business opportunities, valuable clickbank type products and travel related services.

BTW, It is not a personal brand Instagram account so there will not be a face behind it.

My strategy is:
1: Send cold traffic to a squeeze page, then to maybe a webinar.
2. Collect their emails
3. Warm them up on the back end via sales emails
4. Then hopefully make sales.

Is this possible to do without being a personal brand. As, I know people only buy if they trust the person they are buying from.

Is it possible to gain trust on the back end? and score a sale?

I have never done affilate marketing before, I am learning the basics…

Any help will be appreciateed greatly.



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Yes! I this method has worked for me in the past. You just have to be sure that your audience is interested in your product. Make sure that you elevate their pain in your posts. remind them why they follow your account.

But if you want to see exponential sales, you need to give them value first. Audience is the new currency use this to your advantage. Even though there is no face, you are still a brand that they trust.
I would offer them a free ebook and then, once they are hungry for more, that’s when you hit them with your paid product.

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Your strategy is correct. You can use it for your business. The user comes for a quality product. You must be sure of it and buy it. You don’t have to sell your face.

Hi . I agree with the other posters that you are using the correct approach.

The additional twist I use is re targeting through Facebook and Google, this allows me to send focused ad’s to my warm traffic promoting low resistant offers - free plus shipping for example to get them in my sales funnel.

Hope this helps


Not much expert about using Instagram. But I have heard a lot about it. Besides you can try with Pinterest as well. This one is also a good source. All the best!

As the OP has never returned, it seems pointless to continue offering advice.

Thanks to those who contributed.

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