Is it possible to make a firefox plugin for private use?

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve looked at this, and I couldn’t find it on google either, so post my question here :).

For my work I spend a lot of time in PHP storm, which contains a lot of shortcuts. This allows you to work very quickly and as a programmer it is nice to be able to do your work quickly, without having to put in too much effort (right?)

Now I was wondering if it is also possible to create a private extension for firefox. The last time I tried to write a firefox plugin I ended up on the couch with a new girlfriend (Firefox addon (own) is corrupted), but I also found out that it is not that easy to create a private plugin.

However, this has been a while; this is now possible without making extensive adjustments to firefox.

I don’t see why not. Just don’t go through the publishing part where you publish it for others to download. :slight_smile:

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