Is it possible to generate multiple product stickers with multiple labels in PHP only

Hello, I am trying to generate some product stickers similar to this one using only php.

The values are extracted from a DB and I am iterating with a loop. The problem is all the libraries I found are limited to one label and one number(the barcode) and don’t allow for multiple labels positioned freely on the sticker. What I need is 8 labels on the sticker.

The client absolutely demands that I must do this, and to add on top of that, the stickers must be placed in specific positions so he can print them on a special sheet with predetermined dimensions ( like the image above ).
Is there any library that can do this, even if it’s not free ? Is php “designed” for this ?

The closest I got was with fpdf library and the Code 39 extension, but I could not position the stickers as I wanted.

Thank you in advance.

That should be possible using Multicell() example from