Is it possible to add values of two graphs and plot them?

For my graph:

is it possible to add calculation operations on these graphs? Examples are adding the values of two graphs and plot them as a new graph.

Other examples would be:

a) Graph 1 + Graph 2
b) Graph 1 * 2
c) Graph 2 + 5
d) Graph 2 / (Graph 3 * 2)

Best to enter the formular into a text field, click on go and the action is performed.

Will you guarantee that the two datasets for graph 1 and graph 2 have the same size, and are correlated 1:1?

For example, if there is a point on your graph for 1:43:27 AM February 20, 2022 in the red line, will you stipulate and guarantee that there is one for that exact same date, time, and position in the set in the green line?

This is where you start questioning your input. Is your input actually 3 datasets? or is it different properties of the same dataset?

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