Is it possible to activate free SSL for lifetime?

Hi Team,
I have a website. I have installed paid SSL which is very costly. Is it possible to activate any free SSL like Cloudflare for a lifetime, or do I need to stay with the same?

Hi @solutions1313 and a warm welcome to the forum.

I believe that lifetime SSL Certificates are unavailable but there are free solutions available with automatic renewal which could be a solution.

Cloudflare have a “flexible” SSL settings that seems to be lifetime. In addition to the flexible SSL you can create a free SSL to enable a full SSL.

You can get free SSL from CloudFlare if you use CloudFlare in front of your website.

If you can’t/ don’t want to use CloudFlare there are other free options like Let’s Encrypt. Do note that these certificates expire every three months, so you need to update them more often. This can be automated, but that’s isn’t trivial.

We have all seen the marketing emails that say that they offer “free SSL for lifetime”. This is a really tempting offer, but it is impossible to activate free SSL for your lifetime. The best you can hope for is to get 10 years of free SSL.

There are some exceptions though. Some companies will give you a year of free SSL, while some will give you 2 years of free SSL.

Yes and no.

No you can’t get a certificate that’s valid for a lifetime. The longest possible now is 2 years AFAIK.
But, once expired you can request a new one from free. Ad infinitum, so basically it is valid for a lifetime, you just need to care to renew it periodically.

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