Is it ok to have multiple blogs with the same name?

I am just starting out as a blogger. Trying out out some blogs and reviewing their services is one of the things I want to do for my main site. Will this be OK to do so? I mean, is it considered spam if I have all these blogs with the same site name? If not, where would I go wrong? The name will be the same title as my full name, so as to make it more personal. Although, I’m told it’s better to stick with a more interesting name, if I understand correctly. TIA for all your responses!

Don’t do the try-outs with the name you want to use for your real blog. Once you’ve decided where to host your blog and/or what blogging software to use, you start with the real name.
That way you prevent the test blogs from appearing in the search engines when people search for your blog.

As already said, why would you build multiple blogs and put your real content on there?

If you want to try out different blogging platforms set up a simple test blog and write a few dummy posts to get the feel of them. Once you’ve decided put your real stuff on your new blog and go from there.