Is it ok to buy an encrypted version of a script?

I am looking to buy a script from agriya and they will only sell encrypted version of it to me.

The question is, will this be a hassle for any developer(s) that tries to modify/decrypt the script being encrypted.

Any ideas, opinions are welcomed.


Yes, it will be a hassle to modify the script. In fact, modifying the script may not even be possible.

Just my opinion, but I consider encrypted sources to be a big red flag that the code is likely to be poor quality.

Guessed as much too. Thanks for helping out with this tip.

Mucho Gracias!

What are they using to encrypt the scripts with?

I really don’t know but just finds it weird that it’s been encrypted.

Here’s what they replied with;

package is not open source(will be encrypted)…however, you are free to do design changes as you want however if you want the script decrypted you may have to choose a different and more expensive package.

If they don’t have a requirement for ionCube or Zend on the server they are probably using a poor-man’s version of encryption…which is easily break able. How shocking for a company that says they have an “army of 200 developers” pfft yeah right.

Got me wondering too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping out.

I asked an alternative to Agriya ( right after you asked me same question about their encryption model and they sent me server requirements as thus;

Server requirement:
Linux Operating System (Cent OS Recommended)
PHP 5.0 (or Higher)
mySQL 5 (or Higher)
GD Library (Available free at
IonCube Loader (Available free at
Mod Url_rewrite enabled
Ability to run at least 2 cron jobs every day
Open SSL compiled with PHP (fsockopen must be enabled)

P.S. Whole fundraising script is built using valid php, xhtml, jquery-ajax coding and php framework called “CodeIgniter”, and its MVC structure.

What do you think?

Encryption is usually done to protect the source code–not “hide bad code”.

I sell licenses for a PHP webapp I developed, and I encrypt the source code. That prevents folks from re-distributing/re-selling/re-using my code for the application being sold.

Without knowing the name of the webapp you’re trying to purchase, I’m guessing it’s a similar situation. If you want any modifications, you’ll have to make the requests through the company producing the webapp.