Is it not too late for me?

Hello house, I finished my undergraduate in the department of computer science in the year 2010, I have worked in three companies as an IT supports, I e Microsoft window server support, hardware, SharePoint basically hardware, now am thinking maybe I should change to software programming because have been out of job since December last year and all the companies willing to hire want a developer, am so fustrated. Is it not too late for me to start learning programming language? Can someone recommend a programming language that I can learn quickly, I also need a volunteer that can be my mentor for the period of leaning am open to suggestion


I don’t believe it’s too late. I’m in my late 50’s and a systems administrator (Unix/Linux - mid-range, mainframe, fault-tolerant systems) since early 80’s whose worked for some of the largest IT outsourcing companies on the planet across many disciplines: Telecom, finance/banking, aviation, gov (satellite imagery, munitions), etc. but after 2008 when the economy disintegrated and layoffs were a daily occurrence have had a hard time of it since. Anymore it’s all about DevOps for people like me. I don’t agree, but it’s today’s unfortunate reality. In larger companies there are significant reasons for silos. That is, SMEs. In the startup “culture” of small business it’s being able to do anything; not as skilled, just enough to get stuff done.

If you want to get into programming; programming for today’s “culture” companies, I wouldn’t necessarily just pick a language, I’d look for something with a well rounded training as a starting point. One such training program is Free Code Camp (dot com). Many, if not most students actually wind up hired before even completing all 3 levels of the course. It has an emphasis on non-profits which has a nice, motivational feel to it.

Finding a language you can learn quickly is relatively easy.
Finding a language you can quickly master to the point of being of marketable demand, not so much.

If I’ve read your post well enough, it sounds like your experience is in SysOp which I would think has a greater demand than programmer in any language.

Is this not the case for you?

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