Is it normal for a company to check your previous employers after you have been hired?

I recently been hired at a new company i have already started working for the new company . I was hired and told all of my references and background check have been completed and everything looks good. They are now asking questions about my previous employers and stated that they have not yet done a work verify? The point of my question is , I gave my 2 weeks notice to my previous employer once my 2 weeks was up i immediately started working for the new company . I’m very scared now that what if something comes up that they do not like ? Will i be let go ? Why would a company not complete the entire process before hiring me and starting me ? If they do find something which i don’t think they will i will be jobless I’m a nervous wreck ? My position at my previous job has already been filled ? I think that this was very unprofessional on their part ? Is this legal ? Thanks in advance for replies I’m a wreck

Hi @saracarr35, welcome to the forum!

Don’t be a nervous wreck, you already have the job. Now show the new company that you enjoy working for them. Ask colleges for advice and listen. Enjoy doing the best you can.

It might just be that the person who did the checking or his supervisor is replaced and the new person taking over just want to double check or learn how the former guy did his job.

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Most likely if you haven’t done something that’s very drastic then I wouldn’t worry about it. If it’s like sexual harassment, timesheet fraud, or something like that then you should worry. I’ve seen one case where he got fired for fradulent resume that he has a bechelor degree.

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I think your best bet is to ignore all that and just focus on your new job. Prove yourself, and they will forget about how you were doing before they hired you… Generally speaking, unless they discover an integrity issue, you should have noting to worry about.

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I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You already have the job and have been working for them, so as long as you continue to do a good job I don’t think you can worry. Honestly no company can fire you without just cause, so just don’t give them a reason to fire you. Also, as someone who has been responsible for giving a reference for employees, there are certain things they cannot discuss. For example, they have to stick to strictly what you did in your job and your reviews, they cannot tell them anything personal or focus on their personal thoughts about you as it’s illegal.

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