Is it Me or GoDaddy? index.html issue

I have been creating websites for way too long to be so stumped by such a question, but I have made calls to GoDaddy and read scads of information and still can’t find my answer. I know someone here will know! It seems so simple.

As you may know, GoDaddy offers deluxe hosting packages that allow one to host as many sites as one wants for a small price. I have such a package, and have a dozen domains on it, all of which work fine.

The structure of such a deluxe package is normally as follows:

  • The root folder contains your primary domain: let’s call mine “
  • The next folder, in the root, let’s call it “hosteddomains”[*]The next layer of folders, in the “hosteddomains” folder, have folders for each of your other, generally unrelated, domains… and lets call one “” in a folder called secondary
  • From there, of course, one houses each individual website structure within its folder.

Now, I like to be able to use one of my secondary domains as a catchall for quicky client-communication mini-sites, like this one:


which is an easy URI to explain to a client over the phone, rather than saying:




Makes sense, right?

Except that when they go to


the address bar in their browser reverts to the ridiculous



which is a folder sequence that doesn’t even exist!!! (But oddly enough works)

And that’s fine (ugly, but fine) if I only have a one page quicky-site, but it really makes a mess with any internal links I might want to add within.

If I put a slash at the end of the URI, all works normally and perfect, but I would prefer not to have to say:


as we all know that slashes tend to completely confuse clients. :wink:

It this a <base> fix? HTACCESS? Something within GoDaddy? They don’t seem to know.

Do you?

Thanks so much for the read! I am flummoxed at this point. :confused: