Is it illegal to have a juke box on your website?

Is it illegal to have a juke box on your website if you own all the songs? I see some people have them on their websites.

Do you own the rights to the songs?
Did you write the songs?

If not you will be breaching copyright.

It is illegal if the songs you are playing were not composed by you.

So songs straight from ripping a cd or bought from an online store would not be playable.

However, if the songs are remixed** or the instrumental of the song and others, you, are singing the vocals instead of the artists then you should be okay.

I know a jukebox on a site sounds cool, but thats why online music sites and music programmes are for-- to listen to music while doing other things.

I am a believer unless it is absolutely necessary for a web app, sounds should be avoided on a website unless they are for sale or distribution.

**By remixed, I mean actually remixed not adding some space or cutting off some words.

Hope that helped,
Team 1504

Ok well that clears it up for me, what these other guys are doing is illegal because they are playing regular songs.

I guess my next question is do you know a way of getting a custom radio station for my website that wont break the bank?

Hmm While I search, I reccomend searching youself so that we can find it quicker.

Look for if pandora or some service that requires a personal account on which you can create and store a station and then you can embed it.

Let the :google: ing begin!

OH nice how do I embed pandora into my website? And will other people have to be logged in to listen?

I found it :slight_smile:
Log in to Pandora. Make a station and then use this to generate a url rss feed.
And then you can parse it.

With radio it find similar music; however, I it finds related music.

However grooveshark one can make their own station with songs they select. [URL=“$tips/2009/06/05/grooveshark_how_to_embed_almost_any_song_in_the_world_to_your_site”]Then you can embed it as shown here.

Hope that helps or leads you on a good track!

Thank you Pandora worked out great.

No problem :slight_smile:

I am glad we found a legal solution