Is it good to outsource the SEO tasks to the virtual personal assistant?

Is it beneficial to outsource the SEO tasks to the virtual personal assistant or should I do it by my own?Is that cost effective?

You can definitely go for a virtual assistant if you want to outsource your SEO tasks. But, if you have sufficient time in your hand, give you SEO tasks a go by yourself. Once you have created a good base, move on with a virtual assistant.

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It’s beneficial and cost effective to outsource SEO to a personal virtual assistant if

  1. your virtual assistant has experience doing SEO or
  2. you’re willing to train (or provide training) to your virtual assistant

SEO isn’t what it used to 10 or even 5 years ago. SEO is a very technical job that requires some programming skills, data analytics skills, writing, some degree of project management, etc. And SEO doesn’t provide instant results. It takes months of work (at least) to reap the benefits of a good campaign.

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Hi John!
It considerably good to transfer your time-consuming tasks to a VA as they well-experienced to tackle them. You can even ask them for analytical services for your business growth. Outsourcing is not only cheap but also easier to scale the task performance.

so, in my opinion, go for virtual assistant services…
Thank you

I would recommend you to do it your own,at least you can manage all and see the best ways to promote your website. Human ideas are always greater.

Its better to do it yourself, try to do some new updated SEO techniques after some days you will get good result from your website i mean website ranking. Implement new ideas to promote your business.

A virtual assistant can definitely help a lot when the tasks are properly organized. You should take certain time and efforts to coordinate the work of the virtual assistant. And a sufficient base is a must.
So, my advice is to make SEO yourself when you are just starting to work on the project and then you can outsource some ‘automatic’ SEO tasks to VA.

It depends on multiple factors:

  1. How proficient are you with the SEO?
  2. Do you have time to conduct SEO activities required for your website?
  3. Do you have the budget to hire a dedicated virtual assistant for SEO tasks?
  4. How important is SEO for your business?

Based on above questions, I’d say find a solution that suits your needs. If you are proficient in SEO and your website doesn’t need much help, probably you can do it yourself to save the trouble of managing an extra resource and spending extra bucks. But if you are not familiar with SEO, it is best to hire someone who is skilled in the domain.

You can go for hiring a virtual assistant for your Seo task but if you are having sufficient time for that than do it yourself.
If you are hiring a Virtual Assistant, make sure he is able to do these SEO tasks:-
Keyword research
Domain registration
On-page optimization
Competition analysis
Active forum participation
Participation in blogosphere
Submission service
Link building
Internal link building
Content marketing
hope it is useful for you…

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