Is it discrimination or what?

i have been working in a office for 1.5 yr now and recently i came to know the guy hired with me who is software engineer got 35+ increment and i got only 10+ as i am web developer & designer, i verified the news and it was correct. later on i came across chats in of same fellow chatting with other colleagues while on vacations in which i was being discussed as ‘did i come or not’,'did,‘am i coming to office’.moreover the guys r from old office they use to work together there and now i feel like they r forming a group. as no one in office ask/update me if they r going out of office, absent and etc. am i loosing respect, is it time to switch job? what is it happening, like me being discussed, and me getting less raise where i work lot good than him while i code, new comers don’t tell me/ask me of absence but tell the guys came after me. what is wrong? how can i take control.

I’m a little concerned that your worries may magnify the problem. Don’t lose site of doing your best each and every day, and being kind to yourself and your colleagues. Do nice things for people around the office. Come in early. Compliment others.

Even if you are not being treated fairly, make sure you are doing all the right things, and developing yourself to the best of your ability. And if possible, tell your boss how much you appreciate your job and see if he/she has some suggestions for ways you could improve.

Are you both professionally trained (graduated in the fields you’re working in)?

Some things come to mind:

  • does he have a higher education?
  • has he been actively working in his profession longer?
  • has he been at the current workplace longer than you have?
  • is his profession simply one that is generally better paid than yours?

There is talk going on about you ! And could be they are ousting you.

And, is he in management where his is responsible for production?

If so, those guys have the right to make more cause they have more responsibilities.

Best thing to do is mind your own business and GROW in your profession…leave the soap opera alone.

Just because he is management doesn’t mean he as the right to spread stuff about the person, he should be more mature but alot of management is far from mature, more like children. He should just try to do his Job the best he can and don’t do anything that will jeopardize his job and in the meantime if this continues try to get the hell out.

he isn’t in management, he is just a guy. who have less experience in profression as compared to me. he is clever that’s all

Not Clever, either a ******* or a bully.

both. more of bully

Well, then…invite him out to your favorite pub on Saturday night…have a few brew-skis, start an argument, and open up a can of whip azz!

If possible, get him to throw the first punch so it’ll be self-defense when you hit him long, hard, and continually.

If this won’t work…quit the job so you don’t have to put up with being bullied. (no respect in doing this…)
Personally, I’d whip his azz!

quitting job is last resort

Cool, so you’re going to bust him in the mouth right?

You know, the only way to effectively deal with bullies is to hurt them…

Negotiating with bullies doesn’t work as Neville Chamberlain found out.

i can’t pick a fight. its a office not a bar :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, then…invite him out to your favorite pub on Saturday night

If he is a bully, you have but two choices…defend yourself, or run away.

beating is not a option nor run away. settling the score i wanna do

You said he was the one hiring you! What is his relation to the management?

he didn’t he was hired one day after me.

Whether the guy is a bully or not, it really doesn’t matter. Personally, by the way your saying what’s going on, I think that you may be worrying a bit too much.

At the end of the day, you have to do what dvduval said. Do your job the best you can, be nice to others and go on with your life.

The difference in salary may be because, as you said, he’s a software engineer while you’re a web developer and designer. Both jobs are different, and he may have less experience on web but more experienced on other fields or/and more responsibilities. Or maybe he’s more efficient. Or simply, he knows how to deal with people.

It may also be that his salary is higher because he’s a better negotiator and he knows how to sell himself. But that’s not his fault, is it? You do need to learn that skill as well.

You say that he’s clever. Well, then be clever yourself and do the smart thing. Stop worrying about what others say and do and worry about your job.

If you’re nice and open minded, and if they think that they have something in common with you, they will invite you to join their group. If not, it is not the end of the world and it will only be a problem if you make it a problem.

Good luck with that…

Why is he a bully?