Is it better to post my article on ezinearticles or as a guest post on a PR3 website?


I have written an article and I am not sure whether it is better for me as a back linking strategy to post the link on ezinearticles or on another PR3 or PR4 relevant website? What do you suggest?

You’re going about this process all wrong…

The question should be: what’s the best site for me to share my article on.

If the options presented offer only the benefit of backlinks then that becomes your criteria but that’s not an ideal place to be.

A good article and a good site does far more than give you a little link for a search engine to read, it gives you actual exposure and the chance to be seen within your category to build up more of your reputation and lead to more articles. Remember, the goal of search is to get traffic but search is not the only source of traffic. I’d gladly give up a link follow, no follow, or any other flavor for inclusion on a site people regularly read.

ezine article directory is a heavy traffic article directory. If you have a good article on ezine article directory. everyday you will get 2-3 targetted visitor to your site.
So i always suggest post atleast 3-4 article on ezine directory which is related to your site.

Before that, have you considered posting that article on your website instead of thinking of those other sites that you’ve mentioned? It’s a good way of taking advantage of the freshness factor. Anyway, on with your question. Actually, I’d rather think of posting something good where it’s definitely going to be read. I’d put the idea of being visible on search at the back of my mind for a while and think of how I can actually make people read my stuff over at that site.

Ted has raised a very good question. Although, My point is straight… everyone wants exposure and traffic. Submit your article on high PR article website and do-bookmarking of approved articles. This way you will get both -exposure and traffic.

If the PR3 website falls within your article niche really well I would go for that hands down.

Keep in mind that ezine articles, if well written and useful, can be picked up with link and all by other blogs and content
sites giving you extra external SEO as well as possible traffic.

Ezine has a higher authority assuming that PR3 website is just a normal blog.

But, instead of choosing between the two. Just post on them both. Write one more article. More links is better.

sending an article to ezine is difficult if you are no writer as the site itself is very picky and selective now and they try to keep the best. I suggest you move on, place a few articles and send an article to squidoo and hubpages as people can follow you and you can earn money on adsense and affiliates which is great. instead of focusing all your attention to these 2-3 visitors a day you can move on to another site and get even more known for your hard work. Also just letting you know if you post same keyword links to the same website the links don’t really equal each other out, the reason why i said to move to other sites because it’s the proper way of link building. A reminder that when you post the article the pagerank is actually 0 as those pages need to get indexed and known so it takes time before you actually see the visitors coming.