Is it approapriate to use "and" in a domain name?

One of the biggest problems you’ll have with a complicated domain name that’s too similar to your competitors’ is when people try to find it when they’re looking for it. Either because you’ve been advertising the site (especially offline) or because they’ve heard about it or been there before and are trying to get back to it via Google.

If you’ve gone for because, and were all taken, you’re in danger of losing a lot of visitors who are trying to get to your site but mistakenly end up on one of your competitors’ sites.

Well i hardly bother about domain names just optimize it well mostly people that visit your website will be through search engines not direct. Be innovative come up with one word which doesnot make sense like twitter, diigo and reddit these are just examples best of luck

Getting a memorable domain that has no spammy signals is a nightmare nowadays. The ‘and’ is not ideal but it’s not the end of the world if that is the only route you can go.

If this is a new business and the name is not set in stone then I would concentrate on creating a recognisable brand rather than a keyword rich domain name. If you can come up with something cool, quirky and/or unique that will serve you better in the long run than trying to squeeze your keywords into the domain name.

Keyword match domains are supposedly on the google’s radar at the moment so any benefit you would likely have seen from that has set sale and you could easily get your keywords into the urls with sub directories for relvant parts of the site.

it’s a tough one, we recently wanted to drop the ‘solutions’ from the end of our domain as it seemed a bit clichéd (Like every tech firm is something solutions, every designer is something creative) but to do this we ended up having to pony up a slab of cash to a domain prospector.

Annoying as hell but if you do this right, the name (brand) will be with you for a long time and you may well regret that ‘and’ down the road.

Hope that helps!