Is it a good idea to..?


I am working on a new project and working on the site right now. Without giving too much details about the website, We are working on a community type website.

What I was thinking is making a minisite for the whole site. Let me explain myself.

Before releasing the site and waiting so long before its released, I was wondering if its a good idea to start a mini website and then have a registrations page and also explain the whole website and what it is all about.

We want to spread the site mostly by word of mouth and with offline marketing. So…

is it a good idea to make a mini site and start spreading it… and saying… signup now, these are the benefits you’ll get for early signups

Yeah I think that is the best idea. Making mini sites will get traffic and have people involved in the site.

your idea is great… building the reputation of your site before it will be released is a good strategy… plus, word mouth is the most powerful technique in spreading news…
good luck with it… i hope you reach your target…

All the big projects start from a tiny thing and then they evolve with time… it’s way better to launch a website… invite people and see what happens to get the idea of what to do next.

other then do the full thing and at the end people will not like it

Hey, have you done that? What about the effect?
I think no matter if it is a good idea, you can have a try. Without practice, nobody can guarantee the effect of it. After practising, you can get experiences if the idea failed. Of course, the best result is that you will succeed. Wish you good luck.

Any time you can promote your product prior to its actual release, it’s going to help.
Think of how movies are promoted prior to release. Trailers, sure; but the collector cups, toys and such are in McDonald’s and Burger King well before the movie even comes out.

Yes I think that is a very good idea. Just make sure that you explain shortly and clearly what they can expect from the website that will give them the urge to sign in early. :wink:

Mini site before launching main website is a good idea
No doubt viral marketing and offline marketing do help a lot, but I would also suggest you to use social networking site for your promotion basis initially, what it will do is it will spread your promotion activities not only locally but also globally… Tweet about your sign up offers… post them to different communities… I guess it will help you to set a good platform for your business and will built a brand value of your services initially…

I agreed …This is what builds all of the strongest brands we know today. Selling may be difficult but selling a good brand is not.

Good idea dear, it will definitely works.

It’s definitely a good idea, what you’re talking about is something that’s been used in marketing for eons, it’s basically building up the interest for the product.

Having a website which discloses information about a future release will get more initial interest than just waiting till it’s out (if you market the thing correctly). :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s not bad best of luck

Yeah agree … start building your customer database as early as possible. Good luck with it all

Well it wont be content heavy at first obviously because we are just collecting registrations.

We will however, state all the privacy, Terms, Future Goals, Future Features and so forth to raise credibility.

We will also register the company name… to gain the trust.

And we will also start SEO on these 4-5 pages.

I would have to agree to this. It is always good to start getting customers to join in an idea that is in development. This will also help with the SEO side as well. I would make sure this site is content heavy.

It will definitely be a good start! Go on and do the early promotions now;)