Is it a blog?

One of my competitors has got links from I think its a blog. He’s got almost all of his links from the similar types of blogs. They are all PR0 but still he ranks higher. How can I write blogs like these?

nobody in his right mind would consider that site “reputable” because its content is garbage, probably the output of some spinner

They will created wave inside boot making simply by designing footwear in which matched up the actual model of someone’s base.

disregard that site, because google will, too – if not today then soon

The site is in a very competitve area, and that particular site is trying wildly to get traffic for Forex. In fact its all over the place lacking even a central theme from what I see.

Makes me wonder why you posted the link, nothing personal.

Aside from that, you might want to take r937’s advice – he tends to know a few things.