Is ip address on a spam list?

I just signed up with a new web host and I just moved a brand new domain to it.
And then I set up an email address in my Cpanel (Horde), and sent a very simple non-spammy text message to my hotmail account. The email went to the Junk folder.

Does this mean that the ip address from host is on a spam filter list?
Can you help me understand why a new domain email address and a basic text message with no spammmy words in it would go directly to a junk folder, unless the ip address from Host is questionable.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Hm, it happens. Maybe you should consider setting up an SPF record for your emails.

[FONT=verdana]I agree with Ralph about setting up an SPF record. Hotmail (and GMail) are particulardly aggressive at looking for spam, and the fact that there is no SPF record for your domain might be enough to trigger the spam block.

In Gmail, you can flag the message as “not spam”, which will help the system learn that the message is genuine. Presumably there’s a similar feature in Hotmail.

If you want to learn more about SPF, here are a couple of references: