Is Intel i7 an Evo?

Hi Folks,

I want to buy a good gaming laptop. I am pursuing a normal graduation course, so I don’t have any technical knowledge of laptops and processors, but I am very fond of gaming, so please suggest some better laptops in my budget with the latest processor.

Even though I know nothing about processors, I’ve been using an i5 for the last three years and was considering upgrading to an i7 when someone suggested I go with the Intel Evo.

Please tell me something about Intel Evo vs Intel Evo i7 and which one is better.

Sure. Please provide your bank account details and we’ll get back to you.

(Seriously though; you cant ask for suggestions “in your budget” and not specify what your budget is.)


When asking technical questions we are more likely to get good answers if we ask specific questions. For example Overview of Intel® Evo™ Platform in Intel® Laptops. If there is something specific in that page that you do not understand then tell us what that is.