Is Infolinks a scam?

Is Infolinks a scam? Does anyone got paid from them yet? I had an account with them, but they suspended it. Now I’m getting e-mails from them, to send them my tax information, so they can send me money I’ve earned with them. Are they really gonna send money, or they’re just trying to steal my personal information? If my account is suspended I can’t get any money, right? I don’t know what should I do. Can anyone help?

Infolinks, like all U.S. companies, is required to retain a W-2 (tax) form on file before paying any U.S.-based publisher. This form requires either your social security number (personal) or your EIN (business) so that Infolinks can report your earnings to the IRS each year.

I’ve been with Infolinks for about six months now, and sent the tax forms as requested before my first payment, and everything has been fine. Have been paid in a timely manner each month.

And remember, you’re always putting yourself at risk sending out a bunch of W-2s containing your SSN. You’d be much better served to form an LCC or S-Corporation and get yourself an EIN so you’re not exposing your personal information to people who may be simply careless, or even worse, intentionally deceitful.

I didn’t read any warning about infolinks yet, so I think they’re honest. If they ask for tax information perhaps they only need you to specify that you’re not a US resident. But if you’re a US resident then you need to send in more information for tax purposes.

I would be wary about sending my personal info especially after getting suspended or banned. Good luck


They can’t send you payment until they have your tax info. Its US Law. Did they give a reason as to why the ban? Or are they like Google “your banned cause we said so”?

They paid me by PayPal

was going to show you an image of it but it said I don’t have enough posts to post a link

signed up may 9 got paid about june 30

Definitely NOT a Scam. I know, I’m a new member but that’s because my previous account here mysteriously stopped working. Anyhow, I’ve been working with Infolinks for a few months and they’re pretty good. eCPM’s fluctuate a LOT though. However, they pay net 30 and have always paid atleast 2-3 days BEFORE the due date. That’s pretty cool, IMO.

I recently switched my payment method to wire transfer and they were right on time with that as well. Pretty good network in my opinion.

they are not , just fill the form and u`ll get ur account acticve

Read this thread closely. The question was a general one, is Infolinks a scam?

In the beginning the click-through rates are far better than the competitors. The payout is $50. As you approach that amount, say mid $30’s the click-trough rates will crash to pennies, and in some cases “zero”, or “one cent” for a click. Then comes confusing emails and pop ups about tax forms.

Is infolinks a clever scam to hook you in long term for clicks then attempt to keep your profits? Seems so. Will I ever get paid? Today I had 19 clicks, “sixteen cents” earnings. Infolinks hopes I will give up before $50. I’m almost there, then cya later.

Stick to google and ebay for ppc. They pay, no games.

InfoLinks have been paying me regularly on around the 3rd or 4th of each month. The only payment that was delayed was the first because they needed tax information before they’d send it.

I’m making more from the Infolinks ads on my pages now than I am from the Google ads.

i’m using infolinks because google adsense banned me. Infolinks is not a scam. They always pay.

Infolinks is on the business for a good time now.However I also worked with them but as it slow down my site’s overall loading speed so I left it.However infolink is a legitimate program to make money for me.

Infolinks in noway a scam company. You will surely get paid through them. But you need lots of traffic to make a decent earning from them.

Both my Adsense and InfoLinks income has gone up dramatically in the last couple of weeks.

I should receive that InfoLinks income several weeks before I receive the Adsense income for the same period. The only disadvantage for the Infolinks income is that it is in US dollars which are rapidly declining in value at the moment.

felgall, has your income gone up because of increased traffic or because the CPC suddenly went up without any action on your part?
I send all my infolinks earnings on my paypal account and use it to pay things in us dollars such as my webhosting or other services online, so I never cash it, it’s only to avoid having to use my credit card.

Infolinks are an honest program. Like all programs you need to follow their policies. I find that all too often people complain after not reading the rules.

Read the rules, comply with them and you will be fine with Infolinks.

Infolinks is not a scam but the bid is worse and worse.

I didn’t try them but saw that a lot of sites use them ( some quite big). So I would say they are not a scam.

It is not a scam, but their pay out is way too low compare to adsense. I have a stock market niche where I get an average of $1 per click, but was getting like $0.1 or less with infolinks, so I took it down.

I think after two years, this topic has been discussed enough.