Is HTML5 really the future of Web apps?

Hello experts,

I’d like to know is it true that the HTML will eventually become the future of Web apps? According to this piece: it seems the era of Java web apps have gone.

I’d like to see the experts take on that.


I don`t think it will replace java, not even flash video streaming in the near future. Support for html5 isn’t 100% yet.

There is a lot of hype around HTML5, most of which is nonsense. When the party is over, the lights are off and everyone’s gone home, you realise that HTML5 is just a simple markup language—HTML—with a few new elements.

All the cool stuff is possible because browsers are becoming more sophisticated. They have a whole new bunch of APIs that you access with JavaScript. So yes, browsers are becoming more powerful, and are becoming an environment for doing a lot of cool stuff. But none of this really has anything to do with HTML.

I think you mean Javascript, which HTML5 heavily uses. Many new applications are Restful, which means they basically render everything on the clientside based on basic information given by the server, rather than doing it all serverside and handing it to the client. Angular.js, Ember.js, and React.js are taking off pretty heavily. This is the direction the web is heading right now.

And yes, HTML5 is the future of web apps. It’s a new w3c standard. It’s not really a debate, it is where the web is moving to. Just like it moved to HTML 4.01. But like ralph.m said, it’s really nothing special.

I agree. But almost all the browsers are giving full support to HTML 5 and also it is now started dominating in the mobile and web apps as well. I know lot of mobile apps companies who are building on HTML5.

So you’re saying HTML5 is nothing but just a buzz? So, the question is why some Mobile apps development companies are jumping into the pool?