Is having a URL with the searched keyword will put my result on top?

Hi all,

I am using Favsync public tab to promote my website (it’s like you create a public collection of bookmarks and then you can backlink to your site) it’s taking the description of the tab and stores it in the URL.

So for example, if I put in the description “blablabla” the address of the URL will be
So my description is in the address.
I was thinking to find commonly searched keywords that don’t have a lot of results where the searched keyword is in the URL and then create public tabs with these descriptions.

For example: youtube video downloads
It has 200,000 monthly searches but if you search on Google you will not see many websites that have “youtubevidedownloads” in their URL

So do you think my public tab will be in the top results just because it has the search keyword in the URL?

Sorry, but … get real. Do you seriously think that it would be as easy as that to get to the top of Google? If there were any tricks that were that simple, everyone would be doing them … and then everyone would be at the top, and that wouldn’t work.

Sometimes I see totally low-rated results in the first page, just because the page matches the URL it seems.
Can you explain that?

I’m gonna give you couple of examples:
Google: “website reviews” and check the fifth result: it’s totally low rating

Now back to Favsync. Try Googling: tag your bookmarks. Favsync comes as second result for me.
Even though, there are lots of sites with higher rating than it.

I understand that Google finds this site more relevant than others, but question is, if that’s because the URL matches the searched keyword?
Can you explain please?

Hi Jim,

I agree. I too have seen few Keyword rich urls for my search query. But these results may be top at this time. When Google Updates its search algorithm like EMD, Those results will be degraded and not even in index next search.

Such good keywords include in URL is benefits for SEO point of view and user understand which page are dedicated.

example: and internal page: - user easily understand this page for web development

The method you are talking talking about was once given preference by google when E.N.D (exact name domain) update was updated. I would say if you are having a same url like your keyword then you must have unique content on your website for that as well because a user looks for the content basically. So shift your focus to fresh content and user attracting content.

thanks for providing such a great information
Iam blindley thinking that it is good for my sites if they are exact name domain .